Responsible investment

What is it?

For the individual investor, responsible investment entails making investment decisions (such as selecting a fund manager or selecting and managing individual investments) that aim to improve corporate social behavior and corporate environmental stewardship. There are various strategies that have evolved over the years helping investors to achieve these goals.

For some investors, better corporate social behavior and better corporate environmental stewardship are synonymous with better financial risk management. For others, responsible investment is more motivated by a desire to contribute to making our world more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Whether it be called responsible investing (RI), socially responsible investing (SRI), sustainable investing, ESG investing (for environmental, social and governance investing), green investing, ethical investing or impact investing, the underlying concept remains the same — making a difference with oneʼs money while making it.


Getting investment adviser to listen and respond to your responsible investment needs



Getting financial advisers to listen and respond to your responsible investment needs

Has your financial adviser asked you about your values or ethics when helping you to find the investment options that are most suitable for your needs? Have you found financial advisers to be knowledgeable about sustainable, responsible or impact investing enough to be able to help you find investments that are compatible with your expectations? At Ethiquette, we’re doing our best to get financial advisers...

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Useful information

The vast majority of financial advisers know fairly little about sustainable, responsible or impact investing, so Ethiquette has created a How-to guide that we call Preparing a meeting with your financial adviser.

Responsible investment-related information on the various financial institutions in Canada will help you decide which financial institution are best suited to your needs. Click here to know the value of your financial institution.

There is nothing like personal experience to help shape opinions and make enlightened decisions. Following is a series of testimonials from responsible investors. Prepare to be inspired!

Mike Almeida, Evaluation and Research Consultant, Québec Office for Disabled Persons

It is my intention to retire at a relatively young age, so each year I pay into an RRSP. For me, it is important that we do everything we can to preserve the environment. Like many of my fellow citizens, I take small steps in this direction every day. In 2009, I contacted my financial institution about investing in an eco-responsible financial instrument. I did this above all for environmental reasons but must admit that returns have proven excellent! In my mind, a responsible investment is a good investment”  Read more testimonials


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