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Fabien DURIF


“Of all acts, the most complete is that of constructing”
Paul Valéry

“Responsible investment is one of society’s most important levers of advancement but is a complex tool, one that is not easily understood. As an academic and interpreter of matters relating to responsible consumption, I view the setup of Ethiquette.ca as undeniably important for promoting responsible investment with individuals across the country.”

A graduate of Institut d’Études Politiques de Lyon (BA, MA), Fabien Durif also holds an MSc in Marketing from HEC Montréal and a PhD in Administration earned under a program jointly coordinated by HEC Montréal, UQÀM, McGill and Concordia.

Associate Professor with the Department of Marketing at UQÀM’s School of Management Sciences (ESG) since January 2012, Fabien taught at the Faculty of Administration of Université de Sherbrooke from 2007 to 2011. Specializing in ethical governance and responsible consumption, Professor Durif has published some hundred articles for international journals and symposia.

Fabien manages the Responsible Consumption Observatory and oversees the team in responsible consumption at ESG UQÀM.


Brenda PLANT

Chief Editor and Manager, Business Development

« Perhaps the biggest tragedy of our lives is that freedom is possible, yet we can pass our years trapped in the same old patterns. »
Tara Brach

“My interest in responsible investment was sparked in 1998 when I received an inheritance. I knew that my lifework was about alleviating social inequity and environmental degradation and I refused to turn a blind eye to how my money was going to be invested. I rapidly became involved in responsible investment, fascinated by the idea of using investments to alleviate social inequality and environmental degradation.”

Recognized by Les Affaires (October 2009) as one of 15 women who will make change happen in Quebec, Brenda Plant founded a public education website focusing on responsible consumption — Ethiquette, the responsible consumer network — which operated from 2005 to 2011.

Brenda is a Partner at Ellio sustainability consultants, specializing in sustainability and responsible investment. Previously, Brenda worked for 6 years in the community sector on issues of income security and human rights. Brenda has an MSc in International Management from HEC Montréal, a BA in Humanities and a BSW from McGill University.

Brenda is a member of the Québec Association of Professionals in Sustainable Development (APRODD) and a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). She is well known in university circles (sits on the Advisory Committee for HEC Montréalʼs Graduate Diploma in Management and Sustainability and lectured at Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University), in professional circles (consultant, Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Capital Équitable – a fund dedicated to the development of fair trade, etc.), and in community circles ( member of the Board of Directors and Investment Committee of Béati Foundation, founding member of Cataléthique – a network of professionals working to apply CSR and sustainability principles in their practices, past member of the Board of Directors of the Responsible Investment Association of Canada (formerly SIO) and Co-chairperson of Ethical Investors Group).



Assistant Writer

“Doing tells much about the doer”
Jean-Paul Sartre

“My interest in responsible investment developed only recently when, at long last, I was able to put a little money aside and think about my plans for the future. It then occurred to me that if money could be used for dishonourable purposes, it could certainly also be used for more honourable purposes.”

A graduate in Applied Political Studies from Université de Sherbrooke and short program in International Management from École nationale d’administration publique (ÉNAP), Julien Benoit is currently completing a master’s degree in Urban Management Analysis at ENAP.

Design and technology

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Operation and Digital Strategy


Richard SAAD

Creative and Digital Strategist



Web Producer and Developer

Aron Black is a freelance Web Producer. His talent to see solutions and the bigger picture helps to evolve the project to new depths and heights. He has worked with brands both big and small to deliver technological solutions that don’t compromise a project’s creativity. His expertise in web has been built from the ground up, be it as a lead integrator, a senior project manager or web producer. Visit www.aronblack.com




Author and Video Designer

François Salvert - Expert Analytique Digitale 

François Salvert

Digital analytic Expert


Many thanks to the volunteers who gave generously of their time to help build Ethiquette on a shoestring budget.

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