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Ethiquette launches its campaign

“The true face of responsible investment“


Montreal, Wednesday, April 7, 2016 –, Canada’s public education platform on sustainable, responsible and impact investment has just launched its campaign “The true face of responsible investing.” The campaign aims to overcome the barriers that hinder individual investors from adopting more sustainable investment practices.

Why this campaign?

“Honest, transparent narratives are compelling!” says Brenda Plant, editor of Ethiquette. “For Ethiquette, this campaign is an opportunity to intrigue and maybe inspire individual investors. It has the potential to foster greater trust and openness to more sustainable products, services and the responsible investment industry in general. It is also an opportunity for industry professionals to demonstrate to individual investors how their promotional materials are consistent with their behaviours and beliefs (if indeed, they are).“

Although sustainable, responsible and impact investing is experiencing strong growth worldwide, and the results of these more sustainable financial choices are increasingly observed to be positive, Canadian investors are still hesitant.

The Quebec Responsible Consumption Index reveals, year after year, that Quebecers increasingly practice many other forms of ecoresponsible consumption, but ecoresponsible investment remains little-known ( 56,9 % of respondents in the OCR 2014 study had never heard about SRI).

Results of the 2015 Responsible Consumption Index show that through their attitudes and preoccupations Quebecers aspire to a different consumer society. As much as 87.7% of the population believes that we need to rethink not only the ways in which we consume, but also the way we live and express our values. Rethinking investment is a big part of it. In 2015, 76.1 % of respondants questionned in Index agreed to say that they “are looking for products that are more in line with their values and convictions”.

This campaign is a means to raise awareness of responsible investment, overcome the lack of confidence investors may have with responsible investment, and inspire still other investors to consider their investment practices as an extension their responsible consumption habits.

A company is a human adventure; it should be read like anovel and not like an Excel table – Christophe Goffoz

[As a physician], responsible investment is a way of acting early in the cycle, rather than the end – Dr. Geneviève Ferdais

During the entire month of April, Ethiquette will share the stories and faces of investors who have adopted more sustainable investment practices. Through its campaign “The true face of responsible investing”, invites Canadians to share their own responsible investment story, and explain why and how they were able to integrate social and environmental values into their investment portfolio. Difficulties and disappointments are also welcome, as they too are a part of the true story.

Testimonials may be submitted online at the following address:

What is Responsible Investment?

For the individual investor, responsible investment entails making investment decisions (such as selecting a fund manager or selecting and managing individual investments) that aim to improve corporate social behavior and corporate environmental stewardship. There are various strategies that have evolved over the years helping investors to achieve these goals. Whether it be called responsible investing (RI), socially responsible investing (SRI), sustainable investing, ESG investing (for environmental, social and governance investing), green investing, ethical investing or impact investing, the underlying concept remains the same — making a positive difference with oneʼs money while making it.

What are the obstacles to responsible investing?

Most investors or financial advisors who are reluctant to opt for more sustainable investment products share a number of characteristics. These include a lack of knowledge of the responsible investment options and strategies; uncertainty about the risks and returns of such products compared to conventional investments; suspicions as to the real environmental and social impacts of products offered, etc. Some investors who are interested in such products are disappointed by scarcity of product offerings by their particular financial institution, or by the lack of interest or knowledge about these products by their financial advisor.

About Ethiquette

Ethiquette® is an independent web platform developed and managed by the Responsible Consumption Observatory (RCO) of UQÀM’s School of Management Sciences (ESG UQÀM) and Ellio. Officially launched in September 2014 during the annual conference of the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) initiative, the platform proposes a unique, interactive take on responsible investment in all its forms. A crossroads for dialogue and the sharing of information by responsible investment stakeholders in Québec and Canada (organizations, NPOs, media and government), Ethiquette aims first and foremost to help individual investors as they venture into the realm of responsible investment. University-based, the platform guarantees independence of thought, information and advice.


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