RRSP eligible stocks

Both Canadian and foreign stocks are eligible for inclusion in RRSPs. Assessing whether and how publicly traded companies manage their businesses from the social, environmental and governance standpoints is no mean task. The effort and expense involved in locating environmental, social and governance data for all potential investment candidates is something that only major institutional investors can afford and only to a limited extent. For individual investors, the burden would be significant.

Over the years, a number of rating agencies have developed which carry out these evaluations. These agencies sell their research assessments to an exclusive group of investors. They also bundle their knowledge in a number of publicly accessible sustainability indices. You may consult many of the social/environmental indices below for names of companies, but you will not find information on how (or why) individual companies performed on specific issues.

For hyperlinks to the responsible investment indices below see section in Ethiquette Tool box.

  • Jantzi Social Index (Canada)
  • S&P/TSX 60  ESG (Canada)
  • Dow Jones Sustainability™
  • MSCI KLD 400 Social Index
  • FTSE4Good Index S&P/TSX
  • Renewable Energy and Clean Technology Index (Canada)
  • STOXX Global ESG Leaders Index
  • Global Compact 100 Index Access to Medicine Index
  • Calvert Social Index

For company ratings on farm animal rights, see this blog entry.

For companies having taken action to attract and serve people with disabilities, whether customers or employees, see the list in this blog entry.