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Julien is the youngest of three brothers. Sensing that he had outgrown Sherbrooke, he heads to Montréal with the firm intention of succeeding professionally. There, not all unfolds as planned and initial aspirations subtly give way to a gnawing need to achieve something respectable and long lasting. Principled and duty-driven, Julien endeavours to strike a workable balance. (Length: 3 min 34 s)

To view the English subtitles, click on the closed caption (cc) icon at the bottom left of the screen.


Desjardins ­ Do you know about SRI? 

Do you know about savings? Savings also means making investment choices. Did you know that you can, at the same time, reap profits and contribute to sustainable development? Here’s how…

Length: 1 min 54 s


The ABC`s of Community Credit (French video)

Video following an entrepreneur through the steps of a community credit in starting and structuring a business.

Length: 2 min 45 s


International microfinance – explained by KIVA

A short introduction to microfinance

Length: 1 min 54 s