Strategies Impact investing Private social venture investing

(for high net worth individuals)

Private social venture investing enables high net worth individuals (allows HNWIs) to benefit from a variety of private social and environmental investment opportunities. Access to the latter, which have . Individual investment opportunities always existed, , and can now be facilitated now through the SVX. ASeveral few funds, two of which are described below, also operate in exist in this sector, two of which are described below.



The SVX is a local, impact first platform which connects ing impact ventures, funds, and investors in order with a view to to catalyzing e new debt and equity investment capital for local ventures of that have demonstrable social and/or environmental impact, including non-profits, co-operatives , and for-profit corporations. SVX has been open to accredited impact investors in Ontario since September 2013. The intention is for to have a full Canada-wide operations ian expansion by of the SVX in 2015. To learn how SVX works, click here


Renewal Funds

Renewal Funds manages social venture capital funds which that typically require a $500 ,000 minimum investment. For information on companies included in the portfolios, click on this link.


Investeco Capital Corpation and . & Investeco Sustainable Food Fund, L.P.

Investeco Capital Corporation. (ICC) is an environmental investment management company which that manages private equity funds for Canadian institutional and accredited investors. Investeco Sustainable Food Fund, L.P. is a private equity fund which that focuses on acquiring material interests in exceptional small- and to medium-sized private companies in the rapidly growing North American market for natural and healthy foods, and related products.


Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Involvement in Being involved in financing social venture financing s is meaningful and can prove be lucrative. too
  • As the market matures, knowledgeable intermediaries and market-enabling organizations will help investors and ventures to overcome barriers


  • Advisers and planners hahave ve a limited understanding of and minimal level of , or comfort with impact investing.
  • There is a higher transaction costs associated with assessing and understanding social ventures are substantially higher and owe notably to the smaller scale , especially due to the relatively small size of deals characteristic ofin the impact investment marketplace.
  • Investors face challenges in the matter of efficiently seeking out t is currently challenging for investors to find high -quality, impact-oriented ventures in an efficient way.