Strategies Impact investing Solidarity investment (specific to Québec)

Solidarity investing (investissement solidaire) is specific to Québec and refers to the financing of social economy businesses (non-profit businesses and cooperatives). Investments tend to focus primarily on social impact but must be profitable. Individual investors may gain exposure to solidarity investments through community credit investment funds and capital development funds which tend to include some social economy businesses in their portfolios.


Placement à rendement social

An example of a solidarity investment fund is Placement à rendement social (PRS) available through the Caisse d’économie solidaire.

Each $1000 in the fund is distributed as follows:

  • $330 for non-profit housing, workplace insertion, revitalization and land protection, daycare centres, etc.;
  • $310 for housing and workplace cooperatives, ambulance transport cooperatives, funeral service cooperatives, Inuit cooperatives in Nunavik, etc.;
  • $230 for individuals who subscribe to one of the Caisse’s cooperative projects;
  • $80 for theatres, museums, community media, editors, etc.;
  • $30 for self-employed workers, private social enterprises;
  • $20 for labour union organizations.