Taking Action Preparing for a meeting with your financial adviser Determine your investor profile and your values

Your investor profile – Typical first meetings with advisers involve creating an investment profile. Be prepared to answer some questions on your tolerance for risk, your knowledge of the investment process and your goals when it comes to money. All advisors, in a financial institution or independent of, will ask you questions on your investment profile. Generally, you will be considered a conservative, moderate or aggressive investor.

Mettre de l’avant vos valeurs – This first meeting is also the time to tell your financial advisor about the values you cherish and the importance they play in your investments. For example, you might be concerned about social issues, such as food, human rights, labour conditions, pollution, aging populations or even the autonomy of the local community. You might also be concerned with accountability issues if you think, for example, transparency, the fight against corruption, business ethics or limiting executive remuneration is important. Or, you may hold very strongly to environmental issues, such as access to natural resources, reducing climate change, sustainable management of water and air quality or energy use.

La stratégie – You can also tell your advisor that you want at lease some of your investments to have a positive, measurable impact (impact investing), or that you want to leverage your power as a shareholder to positively influence corporate behaviour (engagement strategy), or that you do not want to invest in specific sectors (screening/exclusion).

There is a socially responsible investment solution for you, whatever your investor profile and your values.

Your advisor has helped you define your investor profile and your values? It’s now time to find the appropriate RI products — Go to Step 4 – Define the RI products that fit your investor profile.
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