You’re interested in responsible investing for the first time, but already have a financial advisor? Go directly to Step 2! 

Identify your needs before you look for a financial advisor: Are you looking for an intermediary to purchase a responsible investment product (RI) you have already chosen yourself? Do you want an advisor to do the research for you and recommend the securities or mutual funds you should buy? Or do you need someone who can help you with your overall finances in the coming years?

Based on the answers to these types of questions, you will either be looking for an investment representative, a mutual fund dealer, an insurance professional, a financial planner or even a combination of any of these. You can find the definitions, roles and responsibilities for each of these types of intermediary in the Investment Specialists section of the Ethiquette website.
Once you have identified your needs, you have several choices:

Choice 1

Consult the Directory of RI Financial Advisers in your province on the Ethiquette site. These professionals have an interest and some knowledge about responsible investing, and you can discuss this topic more easily with them. Some of them are certified Responsible Investment Advisors (RIAC) or certified Responsible Investment Professionals (RIPC), designations issued by the Responsible Investment Association (RIA), and some of them may have completed the Sustainable Investment Professional Certification program (SIPC) offered by the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. The Directory indicates levels of experience with RI as well as the professional licences and authorizations held by each financial advisor listed.

Choice 2

Contact your credit union or bank branch and ask to meet with a financial adviser. Generally, most financial advisers who work in a financial institution will not offer the full scope of responsible investment product available on the market, and they will likely offer the financial institutions’ products first. The good news is that the large majority of banks and credit unions now offer their clients at least one responsible investment fund.

You’ve found a financial adviser? Evaluate their capacity to help you now!