Taking Action What RI products are available to me?

It is generally advisable to work with a financial adviser to select the most appropriate product for your needs. Refer to the Ethiquette tips on investment specialists and how to find and prepare for a meeting with an adviser to help you find the adviser best fit to help you.

The four tables below list and give a little non-financial detail as to the different RI products currently available in Canada. Each table presents a different RI product type : mutual funds, segregated funds, ETFs and impact investment products. For a better understanding of each of these product types and the RI strategies refered to, consult the Responsible Investment Strategies section of Ethiquette.

  1. Table of RI Mutual Funds
  2. Table of RI Segregated Funds
  3. Table of RI ETFs
  4. Table of Impact Investment Products


In conclusion, keep in mind that when you choose a responsible investment, it does not mean that you are investing solely in companies with perfect environmental and social records. For example, don’t expect a RI investment fund to consist entirely of wind turbines and organic agricultural cooperatives. The truth is that most investments that pay interest or dividends come from publicly-traded major international corporations. These corporations are large enough to need investment funds and are considered less risky by investors. However, the role of a RI is to actively encourage and support companies that have taken positive socially and environmentally responsible measures, to try and influence less responsible companies so that they understand the benefits of, and adopt, good practices, and to promote companies that want to, through their direct impact, participate in resolving social and environmental problems. In this way, RI managers use the share capital-related rights to engage in dialogue with management about environmental and social responsibility and to adopt a position in favour of improving the company’s performance in these areas during general meetings of shareholders. Some RI managers are very transparent about disclosing opinions expressed and how they voted at the companies in which they invest in annual ESG investing reports. By consulting these reports, you will better understand why and how your investment in a RI fund differs from a traditional investment fund.

Remember that you are primarily responsible for choosing your investments and that the best time to start investing in your future, and that of your community, is now!