What drives a sustainable investment advisor?

What drives a sustainable investment advisor?

Some advisors seem to take the time to explore clients’ social, environmental and ethical preferences, just as they explore attitudes toward risk, which they are oblidged to do by the rules and regulations governing their professional liscence(s).

A 2014 study commissioned by NEI Investments found that 79% of Canadian investor respondents said their advisors had not initiated a conversation with them about SRI, while Fourteen percent said their advisors did started the conversation. Reader feedback would have us believe that many investment advisors even dismiss client requests for sustainable investments


So what motivates those that do?

Through the personal stories of investment advisors who have integrated sustainable, responsible and impact investment into their practice, we learn what drives these particular individuals to do what they do.


“My interest in the state of the environment and ethical business practices became more acute when I julie-riach-headshotbecame a parent…“ Read Julie Riach’s testimonial.





“Eat vegetarian, buy used, take public transit/ carpool,…“ Behaviours you expect from a Certified Financial Planner ? Read Ryan Colwell’s testimonial.




What motivates an investment manager (CFA) with a Master’s in Philosophy from Oxford to invest Lycos-7-2sustainably?  Read Constantine Lycos’s testimonial.





Cultural identity is a factor in why this financial advisor transitioned to responsible investment. Read Annette Quan’s testimonial.




“I’ve personally invested in SRI mutual funds since early in my career when I started building my retirement and education savings.“ Read Paul Arsenault’s full testimonial. Paul Arsenault, Financial Planner





Does this reflect your experience as an investment advisor (if you are one) or with an investment advisor (if you’ve an investor who’s worked with one)?


If you’re looking for an academic study into this issue, we have found only one:

Socially Responsible Investors and Their Advisors, Meir Statman, Santa Clara University – Department of Finance, November 2007


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